Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Decongestant Harder to Use For Meth

Just as pharmaceutical companies have been adjusting the formula for prescription painkillers so it's harder to get an opiate high, Acura Pharmaceuticals Inc has released a kind of pseudoephedrine that is much harder to use as ingredient in methamphetamine. Nexafed contains an inert ingredient that is activated when someone tries to extract the pseudoephedrine, and which prevents crystallization by turning into a thick gel.

We applaud any effort that keeps dangerous drugs off the street and it seems like a promising trend that drug makers are taking ownership of the ways their products can be abused. However, as we've seen with oxycodone and heroin, or even with heroin and Krokodil, drug addicts will find something that meets their need. What does this mean for meth?  We'll be watching as this evolves and let you know.

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